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Mms large

mms large

Hi all, Been with T-Mobile for a little over a decade and I must say, I am quite happy with their services, plans, customer support etc. Particularly. It's a limitation of the MMS protocol. This is for Verizon, but it's similar with all carriers. token=9mfwrqT2. 18 Dec When either the N4 or N5 attempts to send an MMS image using .. mom's iPhone (both AT&T) her mom gets the "message too large" error or.

Mms large -

The downside is using the stock Messaging app Will the whole house start to smell like a motel swimming pool?


AMA Superbike MMS 2011 Large 15 Sep The problem is that whenever I try to send a text message (SMS) that is too large, my phone converts it into a MMS which is meant for photo's. Textra Settings > MMS > Carrier Send Limit = Carrier has no limit is the issue. 1) Your If you set the Carrier Send Limit too large the MMS will fail to send. By increasing the maximum MMS size limit on the iPhone from KB to KB, it allows you to send larger messages and reduces the instances of the error. mms large

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