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Pay foot

pay foot

The Pay On Foot System features centralized pay stations that are conveniently located Before returning to your car, pay for parking at one of the pay stations. A Pay on Foot system requires the driver to pay at a payment machine before returning to their vehicle. It is a natural solution for parking facilities such as airports. Fig. to pay for something; to pay for a bill. My boss took me out for lunch and the company footed the bill. You paid for dinner last time. Let me foot the bill for.


1500' TV Tower Quaestor are distributors for ICA Multiticket Parking management Systems in Ireland. We supply, Install and maintain ICA Pay on Foot Parking Management. The Xparc Pay-on-Foot System, powered by Amano, is the leading solution for car parks that need secure access control. By combining state-of-the-art software . Pay on Foot and Pay & Display car park revenue collection systems are now the two most commonly installed systems in UK car parks. National Parking.

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